Megan + Derek's Couples Shower - Brittany & Devin
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My brother is getting married this summer!  You may remember that news from this post.  So my sister and I threw a couples shower to celebrate Megan + Derek and their upcoming nuptials!  We couldn’t be happier for them and we had so much fun getting everyone together to celebrate them!

We hosted the party at the Maumee Bay Brewing Company, so we couldn’t help ourselves and we stuck with the beer theme.  We used lots of beer related items for the decor and we even made the cupcakes with Oberon and Guiness.  It was such a fun and easy theme to run with!  Except for the cupcakes… those were definitely NOT easy!  I am far from a baker!  LOL.

The evening was so nice and it was so much fun having the guys and the girls all together to celebrate.  We invited many important couples who have been involved in our lives, many since we were little kids.  Derek gave the nicest toast and thanked everyone for setting such excellent examples of marriage.  He is so right, we have had wonderful examples of what it looks like to cultivate a happy, thriving marriage and life together. We are so blessed and lucky to have such awesome family and friends!

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