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So, the truth is that being married can get really boring.  Winter gets long, work gets busy, you feel like you already know everything there possibly is to know about your significant other.  It feels boring.  You don’t feel connected and life together just feels kinda blah.  It happens at times to the very best of couples, and I would argue it’s somewhat inevitable.  But there’s good news, there’s ways to fight the bore!  All it takes is a little effort – a little something out of the ordinary.

The other day I woke up to the sweetest thing.  Devin had left little notes all throughout the house reminding me of why he loves me, things he’s grateful for, etc.  It was the best.  And how simple?  It was literally just thoughtful little messages scribbled onto post-it-notes.  Nothing fancy, but it turned a regular day into a spectacular day and I felt loved like crazy.  So basic, yet so rewarding.  Why not give it a try?

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