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I’m a details person.  I love perfectly curated tablescapes and well designed bouquets.  My photographer’s heart sings when I walk into a room full of perfectly executed DIY projects.  I know that most brides dream of their wedding day and how pretty it will be.  A pretty venue with each pretty detail tied together with pretty decor to make a picture perfect day.  I get it.  As a bride I desired the same things and as a photographer I still love showing up to pretty weddings.  But I would argue that perfectly pretty means nothing if it’s not part of a bigger picture.  Pretty and perfect are nothing without meaning behind them.

I stumbled across this beautiful sentiment from one of our favorite Michigan wedding planners, Rhiannon, of Hey Gorgeous Events the other day.  I couldn’t agree with her more.

“I don’t ever want to just create beautiful things. I want to create beautiful moments. I’m not doing this for the money. It’s to be rich with joy. I used to think my job was full of frivolous things. Now it’s clear my job is indeed full, but full of the unseen and must-be-felts. I’m not building an empire. I’m building a legacy.” – Rhiannon, Hey Gorgeous Events

We believe in the must-be-felts, too – that moment before you walk down the aisle, your mom zipping her baby girl up into your dress, bridesmaids huddling together for a prayer before the ceremony, first dances full of tears, family and friends filling the dance floor for the entire night, and, of course, all of the pretty details that make you smile because it’s exactly how your big day was supposed to look.  Those moments, and the joy you’ll feel all over again when looking through your photos, are what make us return again and again to weddings.  Because at the end of the day the perfect centerpieces don’t really matter – the flowers will die and your dress will be dirty.   But those centerpieces took hours to hand craft with your mom and grandma and sister.  Those flowers were made from peonies – your favorite flower because your grandparents had them growing all over their yard when you were a kid and the smell of them sends you straight back there.  And that dirty dress?  It’s trashed from hours of twirling around the dance floor making the best memories of your life with your favorite people ever.  And even better yet?  You’re married!… To your best friend!  Life doesn’t get much better than days like this.

We view photographing weddings as a privilege.  It’s an honor to be there to document your must-be-felts.  It’s even more of an honor to think that 20 years from now your kiddos will be looking through your wedding album at those must-be-felts and they’ll be dreaming of their very own must-be-felt wedding moments.  Your wedding days is only the beginning.

So my point is this:  Your wedding day will definitely be perfect.  Maybe not the, ‘nothing bad happens, perfectly executed as seen on Pinterest’ kind of perfect.  But if you choose meaningful details – full of history and love and precious memories – and meaningful moments – the kind that must-be-felt – I can guarantee that your wedding day will be perfect.



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