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You know that thing that happens between siblings? That rivalry – the ‘friendly’ competition that begins sometime around the age of, oh, say, the minute the younger sibling is born? Well my little sister Lauren and I definitely have that rivalry thing going on. And it keeps us on our toes, constantly looking for the approval of the other sister… But we also have a whole lot of sibling love going on as well. And there is something about a sibling’s wedding day that just magnifies that love. All you want for your sibling is nothing but a lifetime full of happiness… and for the day to go perfectly, of course.

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to go to lots of weddings. But this wedding day wasn’t just any wedding… This was my little sister’s wedding! And we’d been planning it since the proposal, over a year ago. And all of that planning finally paid off. The 400 some yards of bunting, the hand painted buoy centerpieces, the endless jar collecting and nautical paraphernalia all finally came together into the perfect mix of casual and elegant. Just like Lauren had dreamed it would.

But the best part? It totally wasn’t about the hundreds of hours of planning and collecting and crafting that went into the day. It was about the joining of two of the most special people on the planet. Two people who have been in love for quite sometime and who finally became one on this day. It was such a happy day! Lauren and Alec were completely in their element in northern Michigan, and they enjoyed every little moment they had together. Every detail reflected their love and happiness, and every person in attendance could feel the love. It was one of those days will go down in history as one of the best days of our lives!

Lauren and Alec, we love you guys! We wish you a lifetime full of love and happiness on the ranch! Thanks so much for allowing us to be such a big part of your big day. It was perfect, and we loved every minute of it!

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A wise person once told me that anniversaries should be celebrated more diligently than birthdays. You have to work to earn anniversaries – your birthday comes whether you want it to or not. At the time I remember shrugging it off and not thinking much of it. At the time, I wasn’t married. Nor was I yet 21 – there were definitely still birthdays I was looking forward to. And now that we’re five years in, I totally get it – and I totally agree!

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the past five years for anything. I truly enjoy being married – coming home to my best friend every night, having someone to share my hopes and my dreams with, someone to share life with. These past five years have been great, but it certainly hasn’t all been unicorns and rainbows. There have been times that we’ve really had to work at it. We’ve had to make the choice, daily, to love one another, to put one another as our first priority, to respect one another’s thoughts and feelings. And let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to put someone else’s desires ahead of your own. But when you do, it’s totally worth it. So, I get it now. And I totally agree that anniversaries take some serious work.

So, after five years of marriage, we celebrated! We treated ourselves to a weekend up north just the two of us. We left Everett behind with grandparents and thoroughly enjoyed some time alone. We slept in and went out to breakfast at our favorite little café.


Then we lazily wandered some of favorite antique stores. Everett scored big with these vintage blocks.


Later we took a bike ride to a fabulous hiking spot. Devin had some bike trouble, but no worries, he’s a fix it kind of guy.

brittanyanddevinphotoco_04 brittanyanddevinphotoco_05 brittanyanddevinphotoco_06

We classed it up a bit and headed out to dinner to celebrate. This is actually the second anniversary that we’ve celebrated at the Douglas Lake Bar. It was a perfect evening of reflecting and brainstorming for the future. If I’ve ever doubted how awesome my husband is, this evening totally reminded me that he’s fabulous.

brittanyanddevinphotoco_07 brittanyanddevinphotoco_08 brittanyanddevinphotoco_09

The next day we headed over to Mackinac Island. It’s a necessary anniversary stop for us. It’s where we spent our first anniversary, so it only felt right to visit again on our 5th. We traversed the island on bicycle, ate fudge and then moseyed our way back home.

brittanyanddevinphotoco_10 brittanyanddevinphotoco_11 brittanyanddevinphotoco_12 brittanyanddevinphotoco_13brittanyanddevinphotoco_14

Devin, it’s crazy to think that it’s been 5 years already. It has been an honor to share my life with you. Thank you so much for choosing me for this crazy ride. Thanks for choosing to love me and for working to make our marriage the best it can possible be. And thanks for celebrating with me!




8/16 | Personal


Welcome to Brittany and Devin Photography Co. We are so glad you’re here and can’t wait to meet you in person. But, in the meantime, we’d love to get to know one another via the internet.

So, here’s a little story about us:
We met.  Well we can’t actually pinpoint the exact time we met, but we know that it was sometime when we were really young. We grew up four houses down from one another, so our paths crossed many, many times before we were ever interested in one another. Fast forward several years and Devin goes off to college at Grand Valley State University. He comes home at the time that Brittany goes away to college at the University of Michigan (go blue!). This time, when our paths cross, we both actually like one another, so we do the next logical thing… we fall crazy madly in love.

welcomebrittanyanddevin_02 welcomebrittanyanddevin_03

Three years later we tie the knot in the church that we both grew up in. Seriously, best. Day. Ever.

welcomebrittanyanddevin_04 welcomebrittanyanddevin_05

We enjoyed four fabulous years of marriage before our little man came along. It was during this time thatwe started our photography business and developed our passion for connecting with couples.


Now we’re a family of four – us and our little boy, Everett, and our labradoodle Chewbacca. Life is so much better than we ever expected!

welcomebrittanyanddevin_07 welcomebrittanyanddevin_08welcomebrittanyanddevin_09

So that’s basically our story in a nutshell. But, just incase that wasn’t enough insight into our lives, we’ve included the answers to a few burning questions that we’re sure you’re dying to ask!

-If you could take a trip around the world in 80 days, what would be your preferred mode of transportation?
Without a doubt we would be on a sailboat, perhaps with a few (or many) more years practice it would just be Everett and us.

-What’s your favorite beer?
D: After living in Grand Rapids, MI during my college career I would have to say my all time favorite is New Holland Brewing Company’s Dragon’s Milk

-What skill do you hope to one day master?
B: I want to learn how to restore old engines. Super random, I know, but I really want to restore an old wooden boat someday.
D: Woodworking. That sounds really generic and open ended but I really enjoy building things and seeing them come together. I love using old supplies and re-purposing them into something new and useful. It also helps that I happen to be married to an awesome designer who can dream up new and creative ideas for us to take on together.

-What makes you cry?
B: Video montages with sappy music. Seriously, it can be about a stranger and I get teary eyed, which is super weird since I am usually NOT a crier.
D: Way too much…I will cry at a happy or inspirational video, I will cry at a sad and depressing video, I will cry because flat out I’m a crier.

-One adventure you’d like to experience before we die?
B: I want to backpack through New Zealand. The scenery there looks amazing, and there is something awesome about being on the exact opposite side of the world from home.
D: A true African safari. Out in the wild with the animals and God’s land all around, and maybe just maybe find somewhere to go on an elephant ride for 2.

-Your least favorite chore?
D: I guess by definition all chores are repetitive and things we may not want to do, but the one I like the absolute least is cleaning up the backyard and the presents that Chewbacca leaves around for us.
B: Devin doesn’t like Chewy’s poop, and I don’t like Everett’s!

-What is your favorite weekend getaway?
Hands down Northern Michigan. The season doesn’t matter as it has something to offer all year round, however there is truly something special about summer time in Northern Michigan (I know you are humming Kid Rock to yourself right about now).

-If you knew you would lose your sense of taste tomorrow what is on the menu for dinner tonight?
We would be calling up every pizza place in the area and ordering a smorgasbord of pizzas and cheezy bread.  Yeah, we’re healthy like that.


I had the photo locations scouted out, the bike packed and ready to go in the trunk, and sure enough, as soon as I pulled into Lindsey and Brandon’s hotel parking lot…  It started to rain.  First the little sprinkles that play mind games with you thinking they might blow over.  Then the big, heavy, ‘we’re not going anywhere’ kind of drops.  So I had to break the news to Lindsey, who was all dressed and looking gorgeous – per her usual.  So plan B.  Try again in the morning.  I wake up early and instantly pull back the blinds…  No rain, but it’s not looking too hot.  Lindsey and Brandon come over, and as soon as they arrive…  Downpour.  But we wait it out…  And next thing you know – the sun!

Lindsey and Brandon – Thank you so much for waiting it out and rolling with the northern Michigan weather.  I am so honored to have captured your engagement – you guys are an amazing couple…  And I’m happy to call you family ;D  I wish you all the best, and I know your beach wedding is going to be all that you dream it will be and more!

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