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We’ve been wedding photographers together for five wedding seasons now.  We initially got into photography because it kinda fell into our laps.  But we initially got into wedding photography because we believe in marriage.  When we said our own vows six years ago we believed in marriage, and we believe in it even more, now, six years later.  We believe that the commitment couples are making on their wedding day is a big deal.  They’re promising to spend the rest of their lives together – whatever that may bring – for better or worse – until death do they part.  That’s huge!  Marriage is where families begin.  Marriage is where God’s love becomes a real life, worldly example for everyone else to see.   And we believe that commitment deserves to be celebrated!

We’re the type of people that believe that God has made us all unique individuals with a plethora of gifts and talents to share with the world around us.  We believe that wedding photography is one of our such gifts.  Ultimately, we are wedding photographers (and bloggers) to serve others and to use the unique gifts that God has given us.  We love sharing our gifts with our clients and providing them with their first family heirlooms for years to come.

We also believe that love is contagious.  An example of true love rubs off on everyone who sees it.  We love spending our weekends at weddings for that very reason.  We can’t help but go home and love one another a little more – a little better.  How cool is it that your marriage, a celebration of commitment, is rubbing off on everyone at your wedding?  And on everyone who sees your photos…  And on everyone who encounters you on a daily basis…  Your love and commitment provides hope to everyone around you – and more so with each passing day.  You can’t help but look at the little old couple still holding hands and sigh, right?  Isn’t that what all of us want?  So let’s work for it – and let’s continue to be a positive example to all of the other couples out there who want that, too!

We thought you might enjoy seeing some behind the scenes shots.  Devin is way better about taking photos of what’s going on behind the scenes than I am – so there’s, unfortunately, more photos of me doing my thing than of Devin.  Also, this makes me feel like I wear too much black on wedding days…  I may need to go shopping for 2015 :)


Devin is a HUGE help when it comes to photographing couples.  He always has his hands full.  ALWAYS.  Whether it be designer purses or designer shoes, he wears it all well :)


We always have fun behind the scenes, too.  And every once in awhile, we even steal a dance before the night is through.

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