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We shot Meghan and Jim’s wedding last summer, and I loved catching up with them again for their first anniversary.  And now that they’re marriage experts, seeing as they’ve survived their first year, I figured I’d ask them some burning questions.  I found their answers especially helpful for couples who are about to embark on their first year of marriage as well…. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing about being married?
We both agree that our favorite thing about being married is that we get to both spend the rest of our lives with our best friend.
How was the honeymoon?
It was amazing! We went to Negril, Jamaica for 7 days. We did nothing but swim, lay in the sun, eat delicious food, drink some beverages and met new friends! We went snorkeling and on a catamaran cruise which was great! It was so relaxing and just what we needed after the wedding!
Looking back, is there something you would have done differently about your wedding? 
We would have liked to have seen one another before the ceremony. We didn’t really have even just 5 minutes to ourself that day and it would have been nice to just see him before the ceremony to take it all in.
What is the most exciting thing you’ve done together this year?
In the first year of marriage, the most exciting thing was buying a house! We started the process before the wedding, which was very time consuming and not the best time to start looking! It was exciting to go through the process together and be able to have a place to start our lives.
What’s your next big step as a couple?
Our next big step is “probably kids” as Jim says. We are on the two year plan… so one year down.. one more to go. We will talk about kids next summer… until then, the next big step is painting the house!
What’s your favorite date night?
Going to a restaurant, splitting an entree and drinking some beers. Phones away and just having conversation about our day!
What roles do each of you contribute in your marriage and home life?
We both contribute the same roles… mostly. Meghan cooks, Jim does the dishes. Jim will cut the grass, Meghan does the edging. We have a really good relationship with we make everything even so that one of us isn’t feeling so much pressure or feels like the “person of the house” Our communication is great and that really helps define our roles in the marriage. We both contribute financially, emotionally, and are really good with dividing housework (except vacuuming…!!)
What did you fight about this year?
We fought about money and bills. Going into the marriage, we realized that we never actually talked about having a joint bank account and combining all of our finances…. we thought this would just work itself out, but it’s still rocky. Typically Meghan takes care of the bills and let’s Jim know how much money we can spend, but it gets hard to do it like that. This is something we are trying to work on!
What new thing did you find out about your spouse that drives you crazy?
Jim: I find it annoying that Meghan uses my bath towel ALL the time for her hair. It is always wet when I go to use it! It drives me nuts!
Meghan: I find it annoying when Jim vacuums. I know he does it to help out, but I have a certain way that I like the lines in the carpet and he doesn’t do that. Plus, he can’t load the dishwasher how I like it :)
What new thing did you find out about your spouse that makes you love them more?
Jim: The new thing I found is that no matter how busy Meghan is, she always makes sure that dinner is ready and that I am taken care of.
Meghan: I found that Jim cannot go a day without kissing me. I kiss him goodbye each morning before I leave for work and when he gets home from work, he gives me a little kiss. Its cute and it makes my day that much brighter!
What is your best advice to give newlyweds?
Our best advice to give to newlyweds is: Marriages take a lot of work. There are going to be days that you may not like your spouse so much and you guys are going to fight. Chances are, you guys are going to bicker over where to go to dinner, making financial decisions, and will be asked over and over “when are you going to have babies”. Take marriage day by day. Laugh when you are mad at each other, make a date night at least once a week, don’t sit on opposite sides of the room when watching tv, take walks after work and talk about your day and truly listen to what your spouse has to say! Kiss each other daily and constantly say “I love you.”  Marriages take work, dedication and a whole lot of love!

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Deb Murman

October 3, 2013

Jim and Meghan, this was so touching to read! Your words show that you both have an attitude of gratitude toward your relationship and each other. Your thoughts on marriage seem right on track and a positive sign for a lifetime of love and laughter together. Love you both, AD